About The CCC

Glen Ridge Borough HallThe Glen Ridge Civic Conference Committee was established in 1913 to recruit candidates for elective office. Our constitution describes the purpose of the CCC as follows:

“The purpose of the CCC is, first, to nominate those citizens who, in its judgment, are best qualified by character, ability and general experience to fill elective office in the Borough of Glen Ridge, and second, to endorse and support those nominees for elective office”.

The CCC  is a volunteer search committee dedicated to finding residents who are passionate about serving Glen Ridge on the Board of Education or Town Council. Once identified, we assist those candidates in navigating the election process. As an organization, the CCC actively encourages all Glen Ridge residents to vote and presents forums in which residents and candidates may share their thoughts and ideas.

While the CCC operates in the political arena by endorsing candidates for elected office, it is a completely non-partisan organization. CCC delegates represent a cross-section of community organizations as well as residents of the community at large. We endorse candidates based solely on their willingness to serve and the skills and experience they possess. Their personal political party affiliations are not at issue nor are those of the CCC delegates. The CCC aims to foster a spirit of community service without partisan politics. And it works!